Cricket Informative Speech

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A. Attention Getter: I know the majority of the class are thinking, “Oh no, is that a cricket ball? Anything, but that lame sport.” I bet everyone would rather watch the Cleveland Browns lose to a high school football team or even watch Donald Trump play golf for the whole day than watch a single boring cricket game.

B. Reason to Listen: It has become a meme to insult the sport of cricket, and rightfully so. Cricket is not popular sport in America, and it will never be accepted as a major sport. However, I was raised in a culture where learning how to play cricket was a must.

C. Thesis Statement: To me, this cricket ball is important because it represents my passion for cricket, the shaping of my present, and future.
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I have kept it throughout the years and it brings back so many memories of when first started playing cricket, the friends that I have made, and the games that I have fought and won.

2. I have also torn my ACL once, I have gotten hit in the head by this cricket ball numerous times, and shattered my glasses several times while playing cricket.

3. I am not the most athletic, fastest, or the strongest player in the world, but I always try to hustle and be enthusiastic.

4. When I play cricket, it always brings the best of me, my determination to win, and working hard as a team player.

5. Cricket has also helped me to grow as a person because I have come to understand that outs in cricket are metaphorical to the curveballs that life throws at me.

6. When I lose a game, and it feels like I can never succeed.

7. However, I have learned to move forward and accept that life will always be a challenge.

8. I realized that if I quit after one game, I may never win the next one.

9. No matter how bad a day I may have, playing cricket will still be there.

Transition: Now that I’ve told you how this cricket ball represents my passion for cricket, I will now tell you how it inspired me to work at an indoor sporting
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It is important to note that I do not want to be a cricket player, a coach, or open up my sporting facility in the future.

2. I would love to work for a company that travels around the world, confronts first world problems, finding solutions, and improving society.

3. Attending at Penn State Brandywine will also help achieve this goal.

4. In all seriousness, if it was not for my passion for cricket, I probably would be a doctor or an engineer.

5. Even though doctors or engineers are improving society in a crucial way, these professions have never been my goals.

III. Conclusion

A. Review Main Points

1. First, I explained how this cricket ball represents my passion for cricket and my motivation to move forward in life.

2. Second, I discussed how cricket has inspired me to work at an indoor sporting facility and propel athletes to reach new heights.

3. Finally, I told you how working at a sporting facility motivates me to continue working towards my goals.

B. With these examples, you can now see how this cricket ball has helped shaped my past, is relevant in my present, and inspires me for the future.

C. I encourage everyone to find something that you are passionate about and using that to pursue your

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