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Live On Ben
As I walked out of the basketball gym my phone began to ring. I reluctantly answered it because I just had an awful practice and I was not in the mood to talk. It was my grandmother and she said, “Avery, Ben has been in a car accident. I don’t know many details but they are flying him to Springfield, Missouri. I called your dad and you guys are coming up here to see him.” I hung up the phone and found my dads truck and hopped in. My mom and two brothers were in the truck with my dad and you could tell by the expressions on their face that they had already heard the devastating news. The silence was broken when my dad asked if Bea, my grandmother had called me. I answered him and then the silence returned for the rest of the trip.
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Most of those thoughts, however, were of Ben. I still remember the day my cousin Ben was born. Using the word special to describe him would be an understatement. He was a hilarious seven year old with a contagious smile. I just kept thinking to myself, “I really hope he’s okay.” and “Why would God do this?”. I wanted answers.
When we arrived at the hospital we frantically rushed to the floor he was on. Unfortunately, that floor was the “ICU”. Bens’ mother and my grandparents met us. You could tell that they had been crying. My grandma was swift to tell us what was going on. All I can remember were phrases such as, “head injury”, “non responsive”, “might be brain dead”. My mind raced. Tears filled my eyes. I tried to hold it in but I could not.
The night drug on for what seemed like days. Nurses walked in and out of his room. The doctor was concerned that he was brain dead because he was still unresponsive and the head injury he sustained was quite severe. The doctor gave him a few more hours and then finally decided to test him. The test was conducted in only about ten short minutes. The results were what any family would never want to hear. Ben was brain dead. The ventilator he was on was the only thing that was keeping him alive. The room became heavy. It was almost like a blanket of grief was placed over the whole hospital
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“Would you like to donate his organs?”, he asked. After, a long hour of discussion his parents made the valiant decision to donate his organs. This meant that we would all have to say goodbye to Ben very soon. We each individually went into his small hospital room and said our goodbyes. I tried so hard not to cry but I could not contain my emotions. This would be the last time I would see him alive. I remember the doctors placing a toboggan on his head and wrapping him up in a thick blanket before they wheeled him down the hallway to the helicopter. This helicopter would be his last form of transportation ever. This was his last day on earth. As they rolled him down the hallway we all said the words aloud, “Goodbye Ben!” That was the last time I saw

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