Narrative Essay On Driver's Tests

I have experienced failure when I did not pass my driver’s test. I had my driving permit for over a year before I took my driver’s test. Time went by really fast and the expiration date for my permit was getting closer and closer. On October night, my sister convinced my parents and made me an appointment for a driver’s test, despite my many protests. Deep down in my heart, I knew I was ready, but I was utterly terrified by the thought of driving around with a stranger as they judge my every movement. I was determined to pass the test, because I would be the youngest person in my family to ever get their driver’s license. There was the competitive aspect, since my brother passed his driving test the first time. I thought that if my brother …show more content…
The nerves stayed with me even when I arrived at the DMV with my sister and even while waiting to be called. While I was finally called, I put on a brave face for my sister and my dad, who left work early to go to the DMV for my test. I got into the car and did the pre-test that included: honking the horn, turning on the left and right blinkers, and flashing the headlights. After the initial questions the actual driving part of the driving test began. I drove around the area with the instructor silently sitting next to me giving me a small heart attack every time she wrote on her clipboard. When we got back to the DMV, it was time for the dreadful parallel parking section. My dad briefly taught me how to parallel park, but that lesson included a lot of yelling. Minutes before I was called for my test, my sister showed me a video on how to parallel park, and said to do similar to what happened in the video. When it was time to actually do the parallel park, I tried to copy the video, and as a result I did a decent job. A wave of relief went through me, because the test was finally over. I parked the car and followed the instructor. The instructor told me to get my sister. After I got my sister, the instructor led us to a room, and she told me that I failed. Not only did I fail, I automatically failed. My heart immediately sank to my

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