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The person I chose to do my biography on is Veronica Fitzgerald. I chose to do my biography on my mom because I want to learn more about her childhood, teenage years, adult life, and about the most significant events in her life and how she felt throughout them. One of the things I was most interested in learning about was what her life was like when she lived in Mexico. Another thing I want to learn about is the things that made her the person she is today. I want to get to know about what she plans to do in the future. I also want to know how her life was before she was married or had any children. I am very curious to learn about my mom’s past and the struggles she had to get through in life. I am also curious to find out who my mom …show more content…
She wanted to be a mom because she wanted to “boss kids around”, but she also wanted to be someone that people will look up to. One of her challenges that she still deals with today is that she is short, that makes life difficult for her because she is limited to things because of her height. An example of how she is limited the job she applied for. In her adult years she applied to be a flight attendant. As soon as she walked in for the interview the person interviewing her already knew she wasn’t good for the job. The person said that she wasn’t tall enough to reach the storage above the seats. Even though that was just one example of the struggles she faced with her height there definitely are many more things she was limited …show more content…
At the age of twenty-one my mom got her driver’s license. The first car that was her own was a car that her brother got her. She doesn’t remember what type of car it was, but she remembers that it was only five hundred dollars. The first time she took her test she didn’t pass. Since she didn’t pass and wanted to get her license as soon as possible she went back the next possible day. The second time she took her driver’s test was the time she passed. Around this time she got her first “nice” job as a translator in a doctor’s office. She liked that job much better than the other jobs that she had in the past. On June 19, 1993 she got married to her current husband and my father David Fitzgerald. The reason they got married on this date is because it was the same day that her spouse’s parents got married. Her husband was in the navy so she moved to San Diego. In 1994 she found out she was pregnant. She wanted to have three children. This got her thinking of what she wanted her children to become and the life she wanted them to live. She wanted her children to be a doctor, lawyer, and a police officer. She wanted her children to live a life that was best for them. She didn’t want to do anything that will hurt them in life and she wanted to do whatever it takes to give them the best life possible. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage with this child. That happens to be her biggest loss. This is her

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