Narrative Essay On A Suffocating Grasp

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A Suffocating Grasp

“Why can’t I go out?” I questioned her, my heart pounding, and arms quivering. She simply sighed.
“Samar, this isn’t Canada, it’s not safe he-”
“But you let Hammad go, he’s younger than me!”
“It’s not the same…”
“What’s not the same?”, I knew full well what was to come next, but I pressed anyways.
“He’s a boy”

Now, I was never one to disobey the rules, especially not the rules of my parents. There would always be a little voice in my head, and a tug at my heart when I thought of doing so, telling me to listen to them, but this time was different. This was a matter of my freedom. I pushed myself off the floor and stormed out of the door, slamming it as I left. At that moment, I did not care for the yelling voices
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Children need the protection of their parents when they have caught the flu or scraped a knee. Teenagers need their friends when drama begins. Adults need the law to protect them from dishonesty and corruption. However, when that protection is no longer a gentle, comforting hug, but more of a suffocating restraint, that it when the receiver wants less and less of it. Through all of time, the people who have worried the most are parents. Sometimes, these parents worry to the point where the child feels trapped within their own family. This is the phenomenon of overprotective …show more content…
Nonetheless there is a great difference in the consequences of someone who was not nearly as sheltered, such as I, rebelling compared to someone like Robert White. White is a preteen whose mother would go to immeasurable lengths to ‘protect’ him and his siblings. She sheltered them, monitored them, even completed their homework. By the time Robert was 14, he wanted to learn for himself, which is why he fought with his mom to complete his own homework, stating that “it’s time for me to learn” (White 2013). However, there are more permanent consequences to overprotective parenting than that which meets the eye. When children rebel against their parents overprotectiveness, they are immediately put at a disadvantage compared to their peers. Because Robert decided to write his own essay he was able to learn, but he was also much less knowledgeable about writing compared to his classmates, who have written many essay by themselves. His mother 's overprotectiveness resulted in Robert getting a less-than-average grade due to his inability to support

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