Personal Narrative: My Second Chance In The United States

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My second chance in the United States.
It is difficult in a country where opportunities are very few a country where poverty and violence are not allowed to grow to the person or the country.
Since my childhood I dreamed to be in United States every time I looked at a plane passing I would always come running and screaming saying "someday I will fly to the United States in a big plane like those flying birds in the sky". When I was 8 years old, I had the opportunity to come to the United States and although I didn’t get the chance to fly in an airplane. I was still lucky because I made it safe and sound in this country. My dreams were coming true and I longed to be here. I started going to school gradually learning English. I made many friends got good grades in my
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Finally we came to a river that was by Mexico and the United States and we pass the river and later there was a car waiting for us to cross Mexico. We got into the car and later we put our heads down so the police wouldn’t see us. I really don’t remember the place they took us but it wasn’t pretty at all. The thing was that the coyote didn’t pay a money and because of that we were in a house of a drug trafficking people. The next day they took us to the mountains and we didn’t stop walking all day and all night and I was so tired. Even though we only took apples and water I was very tired I didn’t want to walk anymore. The next day they took my mom away and my husband and me they took us somewhere else like to a different place near chiapas in Mexico when we were there we took a bath and the coyote gave us money to go out to the border. The problem is that wasn’t the plan with the coyote he was suppose to take us to the border and go there all together but he didn’t. In the end my husband and me we risked it all to go to the border and we were scared because we were risking our life

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