Narrative Essay : Elementary School

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Narrative Essay #1

From Elementary school to High School I’ve never had an teacher that shared the same skin tone. I grew up in a white community. Everywhere I was, I’d be the only black person or black girl. Yet, I’d never given much thought about it because it had never dawned on me what it meant to be black. And how much black rendered fear, and savagery in American society.
When I started school in my little neighborhood where I was the only black kid, I was too young to understand that I was different. There was only 3 black kids in my entire grade school. I was in my whole grade school class, which translated to being the only black kid in history classes. As I child I didn’t have the mindset to comprehend that I was the odd ball in the room. My family was one of the three black families on my street. Being one of three black families was not that big a deal to me partly because my parents did not make an effort to distinguish themselves among my white neighbors, so it made no sense for me to. My parents didn’t allow racial demographics in my hometown to dictate the way they viewed themselves as black Americans. Their actions contributed to why I did not make an effort to distinguish myself among my white peers. My childhood also consisted of playing with many toys, mostly white Barbie dolls. I don’t remember ever wanting to be white at a young age. I knew I could never change who or what I looked like, no matter if I was satisfied. For the first time, I had gotten a…

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