Narrative Essay: Do Dreams Come True?

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Do dreams come true?

“DAVID!” GET OVER HERE AND MAKE ME SOME COFFEE!” Mrs. Gradell yelled. She was enormous, cheeks lined with folds of fat flopping around as she spoke. Lying on the shabby sofa groaning under her weight, she stuffed mounds of chocolate into her mouth, lips and hands stained brown and sticky, her small piggy eyes firmly fixed on the TV screen. “HURRY UP, WOULD YOU?” David slowly shuffled into the kitchen, spine bent, a slight limp on one foot. He heated up the water, hands shaking slightly as he did so. Life was terrible for poor old David. He’d lived with his overweight, lazy wife for over twenty years in their small apartment, and was bossed around almost every minute of the day. He added the milk and sugar in exactly the
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He just had the most pleasant dream ever, he dreamed that his wife had turned into a small bug, and he had put her into a small glass jar with holes in it. Reality struck him like a sledgehammer, and his happiness evaporated faster than you could blink. The dream was already fading from his memory and he probably wouldn’t remember it the next day. Groaning, he sat up, wiping the last remaining dregs of sleep from his eyes. His wife was still snoring heavily and sound asleep. David looked around, the alarm clock flashing 9:15 in neon yellow numbers. He had overslept! Hurriedly he dressed, rushed to the kitchen to start preparing for his wife’s breakfast, which she would bellow for as soon as she woke up. As David walked into the kitchen, he stopped in his tracks. The window was open, a light breeze blowing into the room. Puzzled, he scratched his beard, deep in thought. He was sure he had closed it last night, after his wife went to bed and he made sure the all the windows were closed and the door was locked. Checking the front door, it was still locked. So he definitely had locked the door, and he clearly remembered shutting all the windows. So why was the window open? Unease crept into his mind, and he started to think that someone had burgled their house last night. Frantically, he checked all the cutlery, the spoons, forks, knives and finally the plates. All there. He then checked all the pans. All there. …show more content…
David was petrified, crossing fingers in the hope that it was just some kind of joke. When he grabbed it with quaking hands, holding it away from him as if it was about to explode, and forced himself to look at it. After a few seconds, he dropped the note. He started to laugh. Hysterical, nervous laughter, all the pent-up emotions that were building up burst, and David couldn’t stop laughing. It was just someone’s idea of a joke, a few randomly scribbled nonsense words with no meaning in them. Cackling at himself for being so idiotic and nervous, he left the note there and headed to the kitchen, muttering to himself how stupid he was to be scared of a joke some kid played on him. All of a sudden, the note began to shudder, and slightly smoke. The words started moving crazily on the paper until they were zooming around so fast you could only see a blur of ink. Without warning, the words jumped off the note and with lightning speed, bounced up the stairs. All this happened in the blink of an eye, and David didn’t notice anything, still muttering to himself in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the words slid under the door of Mr and Mrs Gradell’s bedroom, undetected and silent. Mrs Gradell was still sleeping as soundly as ever, and the words inched towards her, and disappeared inside her ear. A minute later, there was an almighty crack that shook the ceiling and caused spots of dust to rain down into the

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