Narrative Essay : ' Career Day '

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Flashback to “Career Day” in Mrs. * second grade classroom: I had dressed up as a heart surgeon in surgical scrubs. Becoming a medical doctor was one of my biggest dreams. I was, and still am, so passionate about the fields of medicine and science. My mother was suddenly diagnosed with gastric cancer my junior year of high school. Witnessing all of the pain and suffrage she had endured through various chemotherapy sessions and a vast surgery transformed my views on the career path I was anticipating my whole life. Going through all of this, I just couldn’t bear the sight of seeing someone I love suffer and not be able to do something directly to make that suffrage disappear. I quickly lost interest in the field of medicine because I sensed that it had failed my mother. However, going through the rest of my junior and senior years of high school, taking rigorous amounts of science course, I knew my love for science was still strong, yet it was still unclear for me what the correct career path was.
I was ready to begin my freshman year of college at the University of * and my major was still not declared. On the last day of college orientation, I was set to be advised for my upcoming fall classes. My advisor and I discussed my different interests including medicine, the sciences, engineering, and art. She advised me to shadow a dentist, thinking I would like it. Even though I was opposed to the idea of having my hands in a stranger’s mouth all day, I shadowed a dentist to…

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