Narrative Essay About The Kingdom In The Forest

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“Let’s go in the forest,” said Katie, “come on. Don’t be scared.” Kevin ran his fingers through his dirty hair, shrugged, and said, “Whatever you want.” They walked into the forest slowly. Birds chirped and the sunlight crawled through the branches of trees onto the ground.

They walked farther on and Katie ran through the forest. Kevin watched and yelled, “Don’t run so fast!” Katie stopped, frowned, and complained, “You won’t let me have any fun at all.” Kevin walked towards her, crunching leaves beneath him, “Sorry, but I love you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Katie pushed her thick hair back and remarked, “So?” Kevin shook his head and Katie ran on.

Katie ran ahead and stopped, her mouth flopping open. "Kevin," she yelled, "Kevin
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"You sent Justin for information?" Katie sighed and replied, "It 's been 3 days and he 's still not back." Suddenly, footsteps sounded and Katie 's door flew open; it was Justin. Justin panted and said, "Katie, there 's a problem. The kingdom in the forest...they...they aren 't good people. They kicked me out, but I found out that their prince, the person who rules the place, isn 't there. He 's gone somewhere else. It 's been years." Katie and Kevin glanced at each other, confused. "Thanks, Justin. You can go," Katie said calmly.

"I 'm going there myself," Katie stated, "I 'll go get more information." Kevin grabbed her hand and said, "No, Katie. You won 't go anywhere. I 'll go." Katie loosened Kevin 's grip and said, "It 's my kingdom, and I 'll decide what to do and what not to do, ok?" Kevin stared at her blankly. Katie ran outside and got to her horse. Katie sat up on the horse and yelled, "Come on, Ember. Let 's go!" The horse neighed and ran towards the forest and out of sight with Katie. Kevin watched and ran out the castle and towards the
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Everyone stood still and nothing could be heard but their heavy breathing. Katie grabbed a sword and waited. A slow sound was heard, and then it became louder. Katie squinted and saw a herd of something. It was an army. The sky was full of heavy dark clouds and a wind went through, chilling Katie to the bone. Katie waited and the army came closer and closer. Katie yelled, "Attack!" the gates flew open and the army trooped outside and clashed with the Forest army. Katie jumped down and grabbed her horse and galloped into the forest. "Kevin!" she yelled, "Kevin, where are you?" She yelled for him, but no answer was

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