Waking Up: A Short Story

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Beep.... Beep....

"get up June and don't you dare snooze your alarm again"

"yup mom I am up"

Waking up sucks!! it just sucks. Today it is a warm morning but I don't know why I am getting a feeling like something will happen today i hope good. it will be our first day of college for which i am not at all exited, actually socializing is not my cup of tea you can also call me socially awkward person. sometimes i wonder 'socially awkward person' term must be derived for me only specifically.

As a lazy creature, its takes allot of will power for me to get out of bed I don't understand how people like getting dressed especially girls. In my case I hate it coz I am different yes!! I am different that's what i say myself for feeling better. After
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Wao what a great start of the day!!

I hurriedly got out of my room and I was just about to open the door "June!!!---"said my mother Christina

"sorry mom Alice has
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After 10 mins drive we reached our destination which is "Adams" it is the best college in the locality, my mother works very hard for sending me here I just want to complete my studies without getting into trouble. On the other hand, Alice was jumping in joy for seeing Leo. For your information Leo is her crush and he does not have any idea about it, he is a player and she is a simple teenager not a nerd but nor a attention grabber.

After leaving Alice and promising her that I will meet her and Jacob in lunch break I made my way for getting my schedule my first class was history which was about to start in five mins so I quickly made my way to class and reached in time. Sir gave his introduction and was about to start the lecture when the most famous players group entered the class I don't understand why they even come to class their parents were to so rich that they can easily buy their degrees plus they weren't interested in studies either. As a common thing each one of them is nice looking they are group of three commonly called as 'trio', August Trevor and Leo. August was the most good looking with brown hair and blue eyes. Leo was a blond with curtness and Trevor was half blond with cute british looks. History was the subject which grab my attention so time went away pretty fast and so the

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