Narrative Essay About I Am Free

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On a warm September afternoon in Cobb County Georgia, a curly haired, tan boy about the age of 7 runs into his parents’ home with a giant smile on his face. Behind him is a little Caucasian, blonde haired boy of the same age. They run around the house playing and enjoying themselves. As the boys run around the little tan boy remembers the bird his parents bought for him the day before. He is excited to show it to his friend and immediately pulls his friend into his room where the bird sleeps. Over the cage lies a large blue bath towel covering up the cage. The two boys remove it and reveal a beautiful blue and yellow parakeet. The parakeet wakes up from its nap and begins to chirp and sing its beautiful bird tune. Overjoyed to touch the bird …show more content…
That experience came last semester for me, when I moved two hours away from Atlanta to Columbus to go to college. I was ecstatic when I finally moved out and into my dorm. I declared to myself “I’m Free!”. No one to tell me what to do, how to do it, or where to go. I had a brand new start with a new school, new job, and new friends, and like many new things that feeling did not last long. Three months in I understood the struggle of being an adult, with school, work, and just things going on at home were a lot to deal with, and I began to appreciate everything my parents did for me a lot more, but I wanted to be independent and learn to live my life without them. Then in mid-October my accident happened. It was about six o’clock in the afternoon on a Monday, and I was on my way to grab some Chick-Fil-A and go to the library to study for my history midterm with my friend Ray. I unchained my bike and began riding down a hill when I hit a curb. I flipped over the handle bars of my bike hit the ground and when I began to get up I could taste blood and I realized three of my teeth had fallen out and my jaw was aching. I got up and was scared and I felt like crying, but I couldn’t. Finally, I walk twenty feet in front of me to find those three teeth on the ground. I pick them up not knowing what else to do. A by stander see’s what happened and calls the ambulance. I go to the hospital and find out I have a fractured jaw and three avulsed teeth. The doctor that examined me was surprised this was all that happened. He said the way my head hit the ground that I should have a fractured skull or worse. I had minor jaw surgery and they had re-implanted my teeth, I took the rest of the week off from college. Going through recovery and feeling as depressed as I was, my dad continued to tell me “Life is an Adventure”. After my full recovery and learning to live

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