Mouse Classroom Chapter Summary

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Summary: Mouse is friend with Rabbit. Rabbit always has good intentions but trouble follows Rabbit. Rabbit got their toy airplane stuck in a tree. Rabbit tells Mouse he has an idea. Rabbit pulls a elephant over. Next, he pushes a rhinoceros on top of the elephant. Then he carries a hippopotamus, a deer, a crocodile, a bear, a duck, and four little ducklings all to stack onto of each other! The plan was still just too far to reach. Rabbit has another idea. Rabbit held squirrel and squirrel held rabbit, but then just as they were grabbing the airplane the tree branch breaks! All the animals come tumbling down. The animals were mad at Rabbit. Mouse is still friends with Rabbit and he forgives Rabbit. They hop on the airplane but Rabbit hugs Mouse …show more content…
Has few words but several opportunities for imagination to take hold. Children can have a great time simply reading this book in their free time. You can do a class project and have the students provide their own text/dialogue for the pages with only illustrations. You can be the narrator and assigned students parts or characters to act out and write for. You can explain to students what having good intentions means and then start a discussion with them about experiences they have with people who had good intentions but might of still gotten into trouble. That often happens a lot in a classroom and student can relate and the teacher can also explain how she can make mistakes and miss good intentions. Students can make up a second half of the story. How to Mouse and Rabbit get out of the tree. Does Rabbit get them into more trouble or does something else happen? You can problem solve and discuss with the students what they would do if they were Rabbit and how they would have gotten the airplane out of the tree to begin with. Students can pick on the the animals Rabbit used and write a letter to Rabbit from that animal about how they feel. Did they get hurt, are they mad at Rabbit, did they think it was

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