Personal Narrative: My First Car Driver

It was 2:26pm in the afternoon; sitting in front of me was 2 tons of junk. I had just gotten into my first car crash. This was life changing to me because I really enjoy driving and have a passion in cars, well I am a car guy. I thought my driving career was over. I would be driving an boring slow cars on the right lane behind senior citizens; watching nice expensive cars pass by. But I learned and moved on from my past mistake, and started focusing on becoming a better driver. It was mid March on a Friday, and my senior year was coming to an end. A month prior to today, me and my dad had just fixed the car that has been parked for a few years now. It was a 2008 Lexus IS F; the steering rack was broken, so after using two thousand dollars I had saved for a while it was back in excellent condition. It was friday and I was waiting all week to drive it. …show more content…
“Baba can I drive the IS F today?” I asked quietly as I woke him. “Please?”
“Yes… but be careful it might rain today.” replied Baba. “Drive slowly!” he said.
“I know, I always do. Thank you!” I replied as I ran off.
So the day begun and I was in a good mood. I made my way to school excited to show my friends my car. After school had ended I told my friend, Duane, to come to the parking lot and that I would give him a ride home. “Yea, hello? Come to my car, I am parked near the cafeteria,” I said over the phone.
“Ok, I am on my way” he replied. “But why?” he asked confused.
“You will see when you get here, hurry” I quickly replied.
When I saw him come out the cafeteria I started the car, since it was a cold start, it initially made a loud brummm sound that became softer as it got to a normal idle. I revved the engine a couple of times making loud sweet V8 sounds, letting it breathe. That gained some attention, as many students snapped their necks towards my direction. When my friend got in the car he was

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