My Gingerbread Cookies

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Christmas for me bring us a lot of good memories, and very few unpleasant memories. One unpleasant memory in particular is what I will be telling you about. The time I had to make gingerbread cookies for the first time. It may sound like this story should be pleasant or funny. It is funny and has some good points in it, but it’s the reason why I had to make the gingerbread cookies that make this story a unpleasant on for me. To give some back story my mother was the one to always make the gingerbread cookies. It was something our family did. The girls: My mother, my sister and I would bake the cookies, and then all of my family would decorate them. This time was so important to me because it was a time all of us were together and laughed as …show more content…
I made the third batch of cookies, this time I was careful and they turned out great. By the time I was done baking the cookies my grandpa was getting up to go to work. I have never been so bad in the kitchen in my entire life. That night covered in flour I thought about how fun making gingerbread cookies used to be for me. I thought back to the memories I had with my mother while making these cookies. In that moment I realized I wasn’t making these cookies for my grandpa I was making them for me. I missed my mom and the memories we …show more content…
I wasn’t a kid enjoying the magic of Christmas. I was the person making that magic for the rest of my family. The next day everyone showed up, and we had Christmas as normal, or as normal as we could. Everyone loved my ninja gingerbread cookies, and my family ate them all. My gingerbread cookie disaster that only I know about has become something I laugh about every time I make gingerbread cookies. That Christmas I learned that no matter who is there or not there we are all family. It’s not about if I have normal or ninja gingerbread cookies. I thank God for that Christmas for letting me be able to make the magic that everyone enjoyed. All the lessons God taught me in time management, cleaning, cooking and everything

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