My Four-Wheeler Narrative

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Blacking in and out, confusion and fear filled my mind as I slowly woke up lying on my back between my four-wheeler and the cold ground. I was numb; my mind was racing “what just happened?” All in the matter of seconds. I hear a faint yelling of some sort as I close my eyes again. “Kylie!” I open my eyes; everyone around me was moving the four-wheeler from off top of me, and my step dad and his friend trying to wake me up. My eyes closed. It was a mid January morning in 2012; I was 15 years old. There wasn’t much snow, and it wasn’t too cold. “Lets go for a ride,” my step said. It’s usually what we did together on the weekends. We live in the coal region, so where we ride we call it the coal banks. As he went to make sure they had oil and …show more content…
I was happy to be there but I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t ride my four-wheeler anytime soon. I had many follow up appointments with the orthopedic doctor and the surgeon. I bet nobody could guess how the appointments with the surgeon turned out. The orthopedic doctor wanted me to do physical therapy to see how it would go. I couldn’t ride my four-wheeler for weeks, but I was counting down the days. A year later, I still had a lot of pain and couldn’t use or move my shoulder correctly. I ended up getting surgery and they found a tear in my left muscle. It was at the end of the summer when I got surgery. I was looking forward to a fast recovery so I could race the following spring. As for my spleen, it did heal, but I never got to see the surgeon, who would’ve guessed? Till this day, in the year of 2015, I still never got to race due to other surgeries and such, but I never gave up trying. Many people think that because I’m a girl, after my first and only serious accident that I would have gave up riding period; but I didn’t. I am still motivated to try new things and take a risk at whatever someone throws my way. Nothing will ever stop my desire for riding. I might be a girl, but I will never give

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