Narrative Essay About A Camping Trip

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Four ,sixteen year old, best friends arrange a camping trip during the summer,in a part of the woods they haven’t discovered yet, little did they know that this camping trip was going to change their lives forever.On the day of the trip, after Daisy’s mother drove Alex , Mark ,Marry and Daisy to the woods, they decided to start hiking before the sun sets. They kept stopping to take pictures as they enjoyed the mysterious forrest forest. After they take a two hour lunch break, they commence their hiking trip.
As Mark ,the clever one , looked up at the cloudy sky his face suddenly became pale. Daisey asked him what was wrong, concerned about him,but it was too late. It started to rain and Mark yelled, “storm, storm, storm,”repetedly as Alex
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Alex stood puzzled watching older Alex go to work , so was Daisy, Mark and Marry . Daisy and marry saw their older selves cleaning their shared apartment; however, Mark saw himself in a hospital room with his mom laying on one of the hospital beds and a doctor was accosting him with a frown. He knew what was going on, his mom had breast cancer unfortunately, his mom was dying, this was going to be her last day. Mark started sobbing and didn’t want to believe what he had just whitnessed.They all passed out again and woke up exactly how the had been before all the weird things happened. The video went on again, “I surely hope you enjoyed your sneak peek of your future though it may not all be great, it’s the truth and you will have to learn to cope with it. Now, now we need you to do us a small favour. Do you see that green diamond there on your left, I want you to give it to me through this screen.” Alex touched the screen and his hand went right through it. Mark volunteered to do the honors and get the diaond and as he did he looked around at all the dead skeletons and then at the computer. One of the skeletons had a broken tooth and as Mark reached his hand out to give the diamond to the strange person behind the screen, the creature smiled reveiling his teeth. Mark got frustrated, he knew what was going on again but he really wished he didn’t. This creature, whatever it is, takes the physical form of a humans to survive and this diamond was the key to doing it. The creature looked old and clearly he needed a new body to enhabit, so Mark dropped the diamond on the floor and it shredded ito pieces then he threw the computer and commanded everyone to make a run for it. The obeyed Mark without any questions asked and they ran outside the cave. The sky had cleared up and everything was back to normal.” We saved the world,” said Mark confidently, “no, you did,” replied

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