Narcan, Friend Or Foe? Essays

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Narcan, Friend or Foe As I looked through the text and attempted to understand the many different elements of research, and what I felt would make for a good topic, I looked at what was current and controversial. In doing so, I elected to look at the topic of Narcan. Narcan, which is also referred to as Naloxone, is a drug that reverses the effects of opiates. As many of us are aware, the United States, and particularly Ohio, is dealing with an epidemic of heroin and fentanyl overdoses, many resulting in death. Due to this, a recent Senate Bill was passed, allowing law enforcement officers to obtain, carry and administer Narcan. Narcan was once a control medication, requiring a prescription, and only administered by certified medical personnel. Since the passing of this Bill, there has been amendments, which has allowed citizens to receive training in the use of Narcan. This has contributed to the saving of many lives. Unfortunately, there are some who say the use of Narcan has acted as an enabler by providing a safety net for those who abuse opiates, such as heroin and fentanyl. There has even been reports of Narcan parties, where the users bring their drugs and their Narcan. They then push the limits of their drug dosage, knowing that if they overdose, the Narcan will revive them.
The question is - is this true, what are the facts, what do the statistics show, what are the opiate users saying, and more importantly - what’s the answer. In an effort to get a better…

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