Marketing Internship Summary

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The NFBD Marketing Internship allowed for a multitude of different tasks which can be broken down to marketing, management experience, customer service, social media management, sales, coaching, and facility management. Despite being a youth organization, the internship experience provided by NFBD was like working for several departments of a professional sports team due to the very similar tasks involved with branding, social media, providing customer service, event planning, etc. The marketing aspect of this internship consisted of researching, event planning, developing a marketing plan, and networking. Much of the research that was necessary during the internship involved defining a target market and researching schools to email. Defining …show more content…
Customer service provided to parents involved resolving any issues or questions they have in regards to the Leadership Academy. Once flyers were sent out, NFBD received many calls from parents wanting more information which then became the intern 's job to provided them with the necessary information. Interns provided schools with customer service by confirming events, approving flyers to be sent home with kids and serving as a liaison between the schools and CEO. One of the main focal point of this internship was social media management due to NFBD 's large social media presence. Within the first week of being a part of NFBD, the supervisor will present the intern with the login information for the organization 's social media accounts. Although they don 't specifically require the intern to create posts daily, they do allow the intern to create original posts and ask that they respond to messages and provide these individuals with the same customer service as they would for a potential …show more content…
The first coach-like duties of the internship involved talking with students at Cray about goal setting and making the right choices. These are aspects a normal coach usually isn 't able to focus on much due to their focus on coming up with a plan to win their games. Being able to serve as a mental coach to these troubled kids puts the intern in a position to positively alter a child from heading down a path of destruction. The next area coaching was involved during the internship experience was through mentoring the children who participate in the Leadership Academy and LCCAP 's "Canes Club" which is an after school program for the children who attend New Castle School District. Interns were able to have a more hands on approach with these kids and it allowed for more of traditional coaching to take place. The last coaching duties performed were through recruitment of high school football players for the NFBD All-star football game. Being able to watch game film of a player, decipher their strengths and weaknesses, goes through during their recruitment phase. The final category of duties falls into facility management which was addressed several times throughout the internship experience. NFBD was able to present facility management topics from both sides of the spectrum, first by being the one instructed on the safety hazards and then being

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