American Family Myths

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Myths of the American Family
A common myth of the American family is that the father is the bread winner and the mother is the homemaker, but in my family, that is not entirely the case at all. My mother owns an online business, so even though she is home all day, she is still bringing in an income that is very similar to my fathers. There are other myths that my family certainly does portray in some way, but this myth is not one of them. Throughout this essay I will give specific examples of how exactly my family does not follow the myth of “A breadwinner father and a Home maker mother.” I have seen nowadays that many men do a lot of the outdoor landscaping, and that seems to stand true within my family as well. My father absolutely loves
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Both my mother and my father spend multiple hours, day in and day out, doing everything in their power to give their kids the best life possible. Although they both work, their work days contrast. My mother owns an online business and my father is a mechanic, so they both bring in an income, just in a very different way. My father leaves the house every Tuesday through Saturday at eight in the morning and doesn’t get back until six at night, whereas my mother works from home on her computer every day of the week. When I tell people that my mother owns an online business and works from home, many of those people get the image in their mind that since my mother is at home every day, that she also has time to do every ounce of the housework and cooking, and that is not the case at …show more content…
As soon as this happened, my family almost flipped this myth upside down, turning it into a “breadwinner mother and homemaker father.” When this happened, our families lives paused, and soon after were dramatically different. My mother had to go and find new insurance through her work, my father did most of the housework while searching for a new job, and us kids were limited to the things that we could go out and do because of our financial situation. Thankfully things worked out for the better and my family is back to the way it was, still not being the “breadwinner father and homemaker

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