Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assignment

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An assignment was given to us, where we had to take a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to identify where our personality fits best in. We were categorized from sixteen different personality types based on what information we were given and how we answered them. The four categories were based on where you focused your attention, the way you handle information, the decisions we make, and how we deal with the world. Each had preferences to give you the type of personality you most likely fit in, I was put into the INFP. INFP means that I am an introvert, who takes on my intuition, while feeling and perceiving. The results I received, were not wrong. I actually agree with the results. I am known as to be sensitive and caring about others while standing loyal. Guided by my inner values while focusing on what helps myself and others’ inner development and growth with strong personal belief. I enjoy reading, discussing, and reflecting on the more positive than negative side. Others also see me as a sensitive, introspective yet complexed person. These …show more content…
The three topics that I obtained information from are characteristics, areas of growth, and careers. As a character, my primary mode of living is being focused internally. I tend to deal with things based on how I feel about them or how they would fit into my life. The secondary mode is external, where I take things into consideration. I am known to be an idealist and perfectionist. I would always want things to be in a perfect condition based on my perspective of the idea. When it comes to those who need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen, I am that person. I listen to those who need me and help them if they needed. Even though I am a reserved person, I enjoy the understanding of people and love to be the mediator. I avoid conflict because I loathe it, because there is no point in conflict when I am still understanding myself and the

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