My Youth Are You Ready For A Functional And Stress Free Life?

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My youth are you able to stimulate your mind? Are you ready for a functional and stress-free life?

The history of ADHD:
The first is the incapacity of attending with a necessary degree of constancy to any one object. The second is a total suspension of its effects on the brain. The third is the incapacity of attending with a necessary degree of constancy to any one object, almost always arises from an unnatural or morbid sensibility of the nerves, by which means this faculty is incessantly withdrawn from one impression to another.(Crichton)

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD is known as the neurobehavioral disorder, the diagnostic are normally active in children. As I researched this diagnostic, I learned that ADHD was initially called hyperkinetic impulse disorder.

It was in the 1960 's when the American Psychiatric Association (APA 2000) recognized ADHD as a mental disorder. In regards to the history of the ADHD, this diagnosis was first to mention in 1907, by a British pediatrician Sir George Still, who described the "abnormal defect as the proper control in children." Dr. Still researched and found that some children could not control their behavior. Although a child been diagnosed with having this mental disorder, the child could still be bright.

In 1936, the pharmaceutical drug was introduced, Benzedrine. It was Dr. Charles Bradley who noticed the unexpected side effects of the medication. Dr. Bradley found that the patients behavior and…

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