My Year Of Schooling At Calvin College Essay

1150 Words Aug 15th, 2016 null Page
My previous year of schooling was spent at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was a freshman who was taking her first few steps towards independence. And the reason I chose Calvin was because it was a small, Christian school with a Japanese program. During orientation at Calvin I had felt that I had definitely made the right choice on which college to attend because everything during that time seemed to be focused on God. Yet, as time went on, I realized that while the college campus’ population as awhole was somewhat centered around God, it was not as strongly focused on God. There is a chance that it could be that it was just my various circles of friends, but I tended to find more non-Christians than Christians at the school. And as I started to grow in my relationship with God, I began to want to be around a community true Christians to help me grow even more.
Thus, I believe that the difference between my past year of schooling compared to this upcoming one is that it will be more Christ-centered. Three ways I think this to be so is that compared to my time at Calvin College I believe my time at Covenant College will be spent more getting involved with the local church, done with better time and freedom management, and will do a better job of building up the Body of Christ. At Calvin College there was little to no real effort to encourage Calvin students to attend church, my handling of time and my new found freedom was usually poor, and there was no real…

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