My Writing Skills Can Go Essay

1083 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
My experience in this class has been great and it has helped me see how far my writing skills can go. I don’t expect myself to do superb in the field on writing since that’s not my interest. In the past, I’ve only expected myself to do average and accomplish only what is needed to pass. However, this class pushed me even further with my writing which I’m thankful for because it broadened my view on how to write an essay that’s not just average. I still have a lot to learn since my essays are still flawed in several areas. I believe that I need more practice on basics such as punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, making sure I write in literary present tense, and developing a strong thesis. I’m more comfortable with organizing topics, developing the introduction and conclusion paragraphs, and keeping my focus on the researched subject. Basic punctuation and grammar seems to be common mistakes in my writing since I’m too careless and miss it when I’m proofreading. For example, in the Frederick Douglass essay I wrote, “[H]e makes readers concentrate on how he is going to escape and it shows a stream of consciousness.” What’s wrong with that fragment is that the comma is missing before the conjunction and the phrase of “stream of consciousness” is supposed to have hyphens between every word. To make sure I don’t repeat mistakes such as these in the future, I should take my time proofreading my essays rather than rushing it. Although my vocabulary is improving through our…

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