My Writing On The Great Gatsby Essay

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My process of think this term have been pretty average for its abilities. Coming up with my own original ideas are of my strongest components to my thinking. The reason I think my process of think this term have been pretty average is do to the amount of work and skiing caused my brain to be thinking about to so many things I could not complete my thoughts. Although I didn’t find myself not able to complete my ideas often, I do hope to improve this. My ideas for improving these incomplete ideas are not letting myself stress out about everything so much and just think about each assignment at a time. I think this will help me because if I focus on one assignment at a time, other assignments will not be interrupting my ideas on the current assignment I am working on. I think this will also improve my quality of writing ideas as well. When writing my 3.5 paragraphs for the The Great Gatsby, I often did find my my ideas were interesting but indirect to my paragraph ideas. Many times I would start writing about my idea and by the time I was done explaining it, I was off topic to what my original idea was. I don’t really think their is an exact way to fixing this problem but I think the way I am going to fix it is by trial and error over time. After I wrote my first 3.5 for My eyes were watching god, Mr. Bean had to explain to me that my idea was to vague. This happens to me pretty often and I am always corrected by Mr. Bean or someone reading my writing. The way I hope…

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