My Writing At The Library Essay example

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Professor Warnick, I enjoyed this class, and I do believe it helped me to improve my writing. I always have a hard time in English classes because writing is not something I am good at. However, I was able to keep up in this class, and I also learned many things that, I am sure, will be useful to me in the future. In general, I would say my writing process needs improvement. I struggled with many assignments for this class because of it. First of all, I did all of them at home in my room, and it was really hard for me to concentrate on the work. There were too many distractions, and I took too many breaks. As a result, it took me much longer to finish the assignments than it should have. I think I would benefit from writing at the library where there are fewer distractions. I also did not give myself enough time to write. I procrastinate a lot in general, but with this class being fast forward it was even more of an issue for me. When I did not have enough time to work on the assignments, I did not have enough time to edit and proofread them when I was done. How-ever, when I did have some time left, I found it beneficial to let someone else proofread my work. When I concentrate on one piece of writing for too long, it becomes difficult to notice any mistakes and typos I might have made. It is also helpful when someone else gives me some feed-back and lets me know if my work makes sense and is easy to understand. One aspect of my writing process that I think is effective…

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