My Worldview, A Believer Of God And A Disciple Of Jesus Christ

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Perhaps as a believer in God and a disciple of Jesus Christ, it is paramount to look at others views and perspectives on the subject such as the origins of nature and the Universe, or perhaps, where do we as humans come from and what happens after death. These among other questions are imperative to have an answer to.

My worldview is as simple as how I see my surroundings in conjunction with the set of values about basic aspects of reality that ground and persuades all my perceiving, philosophy and understanding as well as my actions. In addition to that, as Dr. Lew Weider, a Professor at Liberty University mentioned on the video presentation. “A Biblical worldview is a persons’ own philosophy of life.” Personally, I loved how he illustrated it; with a pair of red sunglasses he explained that the person who puts this glasses would see everything differently than others. In one’s own worldview one may include where does knowledge comes from and who created it, as well as one’s own beliefs on the Metaphysics and the Cosmology. Further, in one’s own worldview the axiology may not be absent, that is the acknowledging and the study of the value of things.

I am a faith base person who beliefs in a higher and divine source; therefore, my worldviews will always be base on a biblical Christian worldview. So I have decided to present it through one of my favorite passages from the Bible, the preface to the Gospel according to John the Apostle (John 1:1 There is currently…

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