My Volunteer At My Local Hospice Care Facility Essay

813 Words Aug 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
While I 've always wanted to work in the health field I 've always thought about working in the business side of a hospital rather than working with patients directly. Because I’ve always preferred anyone before the age of 65 I decided to get out of my comfort zone and volunteer somewhere where there is elderly patients. Therefore when going home for the weekend, at the beginning of the semester I decided to volunteer at my local Hospice Care facility. At first I was timid and almost scared to experience a whole work shift with elderly patients, but I knew I had to walk in with an open mind. When first planning my volunteering I arranged the time to be when the nurses switched schedule from night shift to day shift, at the start of the morning. Being that that was at 8am the nurses were busy running around setting up the day so as I walked in I wasn 't really being paid attention to, until I walked into the nurses office. From there the charge nurse assigned me to another nurse, Jasmine. We then started her morning rotations, going into the patient’s rooms to see if they were awake or if they needed something. While doing so she would also explain a little about each patients condition. It ranged from a patient who had terminal cancer to an elderly woman who had a severe case of amnesia, and someone who lived to be 96 years old and had heart failure. My first worry went directly to the patient that had amnesia, not only because she was super fragile but because I could be…

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