Essay on My Views On Values And Values

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Values are morals that we practice in our everyday lives. Our values make up our personalities. We trust that they will guide us to who we want to be in the future. Believing in our values is important, but some values we might not support and believe in, this also makes us who we are.
The first value that I strongly believe in is religion, Religion is the belief in a God or gods, and practicing to be a better person. My family and I are devoted Christians. I was baptized five months after I was born, and since my family and I moved to the U.S, I attended a catholic school, St. Damian, that went from preschool to eighth grade. St. Damian, has helped me understand and become closer to my faith. I loved everything about it from going to Mass every Friday, Station of the Cross skits, First Communion in second grade, till the Confirmation and Retreat in eighth grade. It taught me what 's right from wrong, and opened my eyes to the world. It was an amazing part of my life, that I have missed. My family and I practice going to church every Sunday. Going to church as a family is very important for my parents. My house is decorated with pictures of Mary and Jesus, and my Mom and Dad read a passage from the bible everyday before anyone leaves for school or work. My religion, faith, and believes are developed by my family, especially my parents, which are primary group.
"Primary groups such as the family, play a key role in the development of the self. As a small group, the…

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