My Views On The Human Experience Essay

1483 Words Sep 16th, 2016 6 Pages
This week on the concepts of culture had me reflecting on my own beliefs produced a series of thoughts around how I view the “human experience”. Culture is defined as an “expression of five basic components of human experience that include human nature, human activity, relations with the physical (natural) world, relationship with the self, and relationship with others”. The Human Experience questionnaire really raised my cultural awareness about my values and beliefs. According to it, I align with the mainstream North American culture. It seems about right, having learned since young that I am the creator of my own life. I do think that we have both an internal and external locus of control. I a responsible for my own actions, however I think that the environment surrounding us plays a factor into it. For example, going to college is financially stressful. Here I don’t have much a sense of control, since the fees are set and it is my responsibility to come up with the money. In this case I have an internal locus of control, since I can come up with the fees myself, including getting a job and financial aid, including grants and loan, however I could also have an external locus of control. If not all of the fees were covered I could have blamed bad luck or “god”. I could have also blamed my mom for not making enough money to send me to school. I do believe that sometimes being in control is in your hands or in the fate of an outside source. My world view, before taking…

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