Essay about My Views On Educational Philosophies

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Educational Philosophies
Growing up, I never thought I would decide to become a teacher. When my school would hold career day I would always “dress up” like a lawyer. Even going into college I saw myself going to law school and becoming a lawyer, but the more I took law classes, I found out that as much as I love law I didn’t want to go to law school. While at Florida International University I studied psychology thinking it was going to help me with criminal law but in reality it showed me that I loved taking the classes that pertained to child psychology not legal psychology. After graduating from FIU, I found myself in a predicament, go to law school and pursue something I kind of liked or do something with children that I loved. I choose the second option. I started wondering what I could do that would bring me closer to my love of children and I found teaching. Growing up I was always good with children. I always had the patience to deal with the younger kids when others in my family didn’t and according to everyone I know, kids are for some reason drawn to me. When I decided I was going back to school to be a teacher, I was lucky that my family backed me up both emotionally and financially. Though I want to be a teacher, I haven’t quite figured out if I want to do early childhood or special education. Special education holds a special place in my heart because my youngest cousin is Autistic, but at the same time since my cousin in on the spectrum, I know how difficult…

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