Essay My View Of Reading And Reading

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In elementary school, I struggled learning to read. I had no motivation or desire to learn to read. I did not like reading and reading did not like me. Every day I would beg to get out of practicing and would shed a river of tears from my small eyes. I would not read and no one could make me. My brain could not and would not focus on the lessons being taught. I hated everything about reading and writing. I did not understand the purpose of reading when I could just watch a movie and it did not help that every book at my reading level was basic and boring. TV was the greatest thing in my life since Dr. Pepper. I could not have cared less about Dick and Jane or One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish than I did during that time. I would have rather watched Teletubbies every day of my life than read a book. Eventually, I stopped resisting and decided there had to be something great about reading. My view of reading changed when I found my will to read and that will was my sister.
I was around eight years old when I found my motivation to read. I desperately wanted to connect with my sister, Lexy, but we had no common ground. I was the annoying, girly little sister and she was the cool, big sister who had everything going for her. She was the sun and I was the moon. No matter how much I chased after her, she would always disappear before we could share a moment. We had nothing to talk about. We shared a room, but that is all we shared. We were so disconnected. I felt like we were a…

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