Personal Narrative: My New Value Sheet

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When i compare my old value sheet with my new value sheet, i see a lot of differences. I saw that happiness has become my first priority now and then comfortable life. There are few things that have the same number like inner harmony, equality, freedom and self-respect. However, there are few things that have a huge difference. Last semester, i gave number sixteen to the true friendship but now i have number six for it, which means that my value for a true friendship has increased throughout this year. Moreover, the value of ‘mature love’ increased from four to eight. Which basically means that i am more concerned about getting a mature person in my life rather than having just a time pass relationship. When i compared my two value sheets, …show more content…
My ninth grade experience was the worst experience of my life. I was new in this country, I had no friends to talk to and I started being self-conscious about myself. My definition of things, my perceptions and thought processes changed. I was sick of numbers defining me. My weight, my GPA, my grades started giving me stress and anxiety. The number of grades certainly didn’t translate to learning; but only served to stress me out. To all those 8th graders who are getting ready to come to highschool next year, I would like to say that you all should live your life like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure you’re balancing your life and not taking too much stress about grades because today when I look back, my grades don’t make me smile but my school memories do.

Today, I am a different person than I was yesterday. My whole high school experience was like a fruit, growing and changing every day. My thinking and perceptions about things changed throughout and I started perceiving things more positively and handling problems maturely. In the starting, grades were more important for me but as time passed, happiness became my first priority in life. I started doing things that made me happy. I wasn’t worried about my physical or natural appearance anymore. I realized how good “being you” feels

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