My Thoughts On My Own Death Essay examples

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This week’s topic was a very emotional one that not many people like to think about. I personally, am not scared of my own death. I can die today and I would be okay with how I lived my life so far. It has not been the most exciting life so far, but I have a family who I love and friends that I care for with all my heart. So thinking about my own death is not something that keeps me up at night. Honestly, like what Stuart talked about in class I too have had moments in my life where I have thought of my own death. I have never had suicide ideations, but I do think about how easily I could die. I could step in front of a car and die, but I do not think that I could ever be capable of doing that. Yet, I do understand how some people can get feel so low that suicide is their only way out.
Another big topic we talked about was the fear of loss. I am definitely terrified of my parents and sister dying. Like one of my group members said in-group, I depend on my parents/sister for so much I have no idea how I would survive without them. My dog also has just recently turned nine years old and literally the thought of dog getting older can make me cry. In my mind, if I were to experience a death soon it would be my dog. I cannot fathom how I would even react, because I have had her since she was only four days old. She is like my actual baby and is always there whenever I feel sad. I also have never experienced any death in my family yet so I do not have any experiences that will…

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