My Thoughts On My Brain Essay example

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I have always wondered who I am. I figured that my beliefs were justified by my experiences, but I realized that I have not really had an understanding of what those experiences were. Through the help of psychology, I have learned a lot about myself and what my motives are. My comprehension of the science of how my brain works, why I stress over certain things and how my personality has evolved has improved drastically. I aspire to have the knowledge that I am more than my conscious environment. Everything down to my unconscious desires is a direct correlation of who I am.
For most people, stress contains a negative connotation because they associate it with heavy workloads or a long to-do list. But there is more to stress than the cons and poor effects. As a teenager, I am realizing that I experience a good mix of eustress and distress. Many aspects involving my levels of distress, pertain to my life academically. Distress is “linked to intense pressure or anxiety that can have severe psychological effects.” (Rathus, 2010, pg. 473). In my own life, I have experienced a lot of negative stress when it comes to tests in school. I am not a confident test taker, nor do exams ever go well for me. I tend to find myself overthinking about my answers, or not knowing them at all because I go blank in the moment. But, through the motivation that comes with eustress, I can now help myself better prepare for assessments in the future. Eustress is important for me as I am…

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