Essay on My Thoughts On Learning And Learning

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I could choose many events that have occurred in my life that contributed to my mindset regarding learning and the way in which I see myself. The event I feel impacted my mindset about learning and myself the most is the passing of my mother. My mother was an important figure in my life and always would tell me, "You can do anything you put your mind to." At nineteen years old I had to overcome serious loss, something I never thought I could overcome. Now, two years later, such a big life event has changed my mindset on life, learning and mostly how I view myself. My mom always made me feel like I could carry myself high and always gave me something to be proud of. She was very positive and constantly boosting me up, telling me she was proud of me, she always pushed me to do well in sports and would support me when I had done something wrong. She struggled with alcoholism for many years. Eventually, the alcoholism unexpectedly took her over and she passed the day before Thanksgiving in 2013. My step-father stayed in New York for just under a year. My mother and he had planned for many years to move to the Carolinas when my sister and I graduated and were stable and on our feet, Which he did alone when my sister left for college. We never had a strong relationship. He ruled with an iron-fist type discipline style from his ex-military background, which always struck me the wrong way. My mother 's passing brought us a little closer though; we were both able to…

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