My Thoughts About Police Brutality Essay

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My Thoughts about Police Brutality in America.

Police is an unity made in a country to guarantee the safety of people and wealth in the cities. However, things do not always work on that way. Sometimes the unity charged of the protection of people and wealth, is the one that kills and aggress people that it is supposed to protect. The United States of America is one country of the world targeted by this Phenomenon of police brutality. According to the statistics shown by The Washington Post, American police nearly shot thousands of people last year, between those just five hundred and sixty four were armed with gun. Kimberly Kindy, an investigative reporter at the newspaper warn the public opinion about the trend of this phenomenon when he said, "In fact there 's been an increase, a 6% increase in fatal shootings when we compare the first six months of last year to the first six months of this year”. Then according to him, the violence is increasing day after day. There is about three people who are dying a day fatally shot by officers. Then, everyone understands that the violence of American police becomes a serious national issue, especially when it is highly exposed through racism, culture of violence and lack of supervision. America is looked by people over the world like the most beautiful country in the world, because of its diversity and its culture of freedom. However, the country is still facing under the great demon associated to his past of slavery, the…

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