Essay on My Thoughts About Education Technology

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My thoughts about education technology are similar to my thoughts about technology. I feel excited. I am waiting for the next big thing! What is the new technology going to do? How is it going to be used? How will it change our lives? I am part of the technological determinist camp. I do place a value on old ideologies and cringe at the idea that humans are losing something precious with our adoption of new technologies. I remember discussing with a friend in the late 90’s while we were still in middle school about the new formats of communication and how electronic text base correspondence is the lowest form and in-person remained the most valuable. I am fond of thinking about the social constructionism of technology and, I think, like many of us that remember the big shift to daily interaction with computers, thinking about it comes naturally. That is a gut assertion, maybe I am wrong about thinking about it coming naturally to people that have seen both sides. I work in technology I use it and I produce it (well kind of), I think about it a lot, to me, thinking about it is natural.
Almost 10 years ago, I took a course in the last year of my undergrad; it was a 4000 level history of technology course. It was wonderfully interesting to me and I wish I could remember more of the details from the course. It was a course that reflected on technology, looking at how certain technology evolved and why others did not. The class considered the political situation surrounding…

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