My The Best Gift Ever Essay

931 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
When I turn 10, I receive the best gift ever. It was the gift of Work. At that time I knew that working was the key to adulthood and every ten year old dream was to be treated as a adult. Well..maybe it was just me but I knew that I always felt older than my age. So when my parent open up a little convenience store inside a bus company,and they gave me the opportunity to work there, I jump right onto the bandwagon and was eager to have my very first job. From age 10 to 13, I was very invested to my family business. My love for it was shown through my enthusiastic approach in the way I choose to help my dad. I remember I will always interact with the customers through personal conversations and when no one seems to be in the mood to talk, I make sure to yell out prices of the varieties of product we have.
I became so under the spell of selling that I even took our business to competing bus companies and selling goods at there locations. Everytime I earn a dollar, I felt that, that was my sugar rush and I couldn 't stop. But as I began to hit my teenage years, I started to grow detach towards the store. I became tiresome of the same routine,structure, and energy that comes with working. Growing up suddenly became this imaginary step by step manual and skipping a step only stripes away the hours on the clock but not the feeling of being stuck. I felt stuck for a long time while I work there and started to feel like I wasn’t growing intellectually…

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