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Elaisha Nelle Espinosa
EN 10 – E02
Mars Over Venus Men and women had once set the standards for gender equality to flourish in a society, disregarding any thought of dominance between the sexes, yet with the onset of a more modernized world, people began to dictate what a male should do, and what a female should do. With this, gender stereotyping has developed itself into an “ideally-structured” way of life through which most humans struggle to attain self-worth and identity transparency. We’ve come a long way into seeing men as a figure of dominance and strength while women as a stature of humility and meekness, which later on raised the bar too high for women to equal themselves with men. As such, one might sense my great
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Unlike boys, girls would usually just engage in conversations involving only the exchange of sweet smiles and preppy facial expressions that barely even move their muscles. Secondly, men seem to be more assertive on their choices as compared to us, women. This, then leaves us with no choice but to take whatever’s left by them. In one of my classes, for instance, I was given no choice but to sit in front with my other girl classmates after a boy shouted out, “Dude, dibs na tayo sa likod! Mas masaya dito,” and lo and behold, the classroom became like a figurative yin and yang with all the girls flocked in front and the boys at the back. Furthermore, in laborious school work and org work volunteering that require both physical and mental strength, men get steps ahead of the starting point while women shyly wait for a perfect opportunity to still prove their capabilities. Lastly, men have this tendency to bully women. I was with two of my girl blockmates in the densely-packed 2nd floor of Gonzaga. We were sitting on the edges of the predominantly long tables of the building, sipping on our soda pops while hushing our first-week stories to each other when a group of freshmen boys stood in an open space near us, plates of food on their hands. We didn’t mind them at first but after one said, “Dun nalang tayo oh. Upuan mo pre, aalis yan. Sus mga babae eh!” and sat on the chair beside us, we instantly turned pale, stood up, and

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