Self Reflection Essay On Communication

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From the competence-assessment questionnaire, it is clear that my strength is in areas of communication, motivation and change management. For me, communication has always been a plus point as I enjoy speaking with people who share different ideas and opinions. Whether talking over the phone or in person, I have never found it difficult making conversations. I like to listen to people and their views and share my thoughts and beliefs to make it an effective communication. If there is a possible cause of confusion or cultural barrier, I make it a point to acknowledge the problem and try to clear the air.

Since I have been a part of a team at my workplace, I have experienced what it is to feel motivated and also motivate the colleagues around
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It is vital to be conscious of strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis to understand myself better. I can have advantage over my strengths wherever needed and improve on my weaknesses. Being self-aware will help me stay focused in what I am doing and I can have a disciplined control over my thoughts and activities.

To improve myself in self-awareness this semester, the first thing I need to do is actively seek constructive feedback from my colleagues or friends. Then I need to evaluate the feedback provided and reflect on myself. I have to make a to-do list to work on and compare the progress as I go. Also, I will make a set of guidelines to have control over my emotional decisions and
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I have to use effective methods and be committed to improve my time management, perform tasks on priority without procrastinating and have an organized set of plans to learn and achieve goals. There will be obstacles to achieve self-awareness such as not accepting or denying a feedback given, not putting in enough effort or commitment and negative attitude which may make me feel lo. Though I may not succeed at every task, I can make progress improving in these areas. This means taking extra responsibility and having a positive attitude towards change. I will also try to share my problems with a close friend and act calmly during stressful

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