Essay My Strength At Being Futuristic By Donald Clifton

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When we know what are strengths are it is easier for us to use those to help others and ourselves. In my opinion, being self-aware of who we are is vital to our growth in life and our career. If you do not know who you are, it is harder to be a leader in any organization. “Self-awareness means you see your talents and strengths clearly, but it also means you are aware of your weaknesses” (Clifton, Anderson, & Schreiner, 2006). After taking the StrengthsFinder survey by Donald Clifton, I found that my five greatest strengths are futuristic, significance, deliberative, analytical, and responsibility.
I plan to use my strength at being futuristic by planning ahead and getting things done when it comes to my finances, being proactive when hiring new team members, and coaching my team to plan ahead when it comes to their career with our company or whatever they choose to do. When we paint a picture for someone like we do for our future it will be more impactful because it will not just be a thought, it will be a vision. Once they decide what they want to do and put forth the effort I will also feel great because I will feel like I have helped someone plan for their future.
I plan to use my strength of significance to do better in everything I do so it will help others and so it is recognized. I want others to take the advice and guidance I give and say it helped them in their life. This is what will drive me even more to help others be better and I wills strive to do the same.…

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