A Personal Statement Of A Personal Philosophy Of Education

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I believe that education is an up lifting every time a child enter a classroom. I believe that every child need to get the best out of their education and teachers need to fully understand their needs. I believe that teacher 's need to set goals on helping children academically and providing a quality education. I believe when children get the best out of their education it can help them become more success in life. I also think that teacher’s need to build loving and caring relationships with children and their co-workers. I believe that teacher have the power to make the learning environment more success place to learn. However, I also believe that children learn best when they are being good observers. It’s can show children how cognitive …show more content…
She believe that educators need to be positive and nurturing for children. And that children need to learn from all areas of development and learning. Moreover, that all educators need to respect children culture and their families. Nevertheless, the educators need to have great leadership and a great example for children. (My Experiences) Teaching children and going to college has become a journey for me, because I’m accomplishing my goals of becoming a better teacher. I have always motivation my students to learn and achieve more in life. I have been there though child abuses with some of my students and I giving them a shoulder to cry on when they need it the most. I have been there for my co-workers when they needed help and I always show them respect. I have always showed confidence in my students and to make sure they are in a safe environment at all times. I am always there for my communities because I do food drives at my school for families who are need of help. I’m trying to become the best I know I can be, because I know I 'm changing a child’s life for the better. I believe there are many influences in young children life today. For example, television’s has influence on young children life, because educational and entertaining for children it depend on the context of the programming he or she is

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