Elizabeth Howlett Character Analysis

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Elizabeth Howlett's Story Elizabeth Howlett was born in Southampton, MA, but her roots are also in Amherst. When she was younger she had the nickname of Betsi, and the reason for is that her parents didn’t have a nickname and so they wanted all their sons to have one. She moved to Vermont when she was eight because her father wanted more land than the one he had in MA, therefore great part of her childhood was spent in VT. Here is her story:
Life in the farm:
Elizabeth or Betsi comes from a Farmer's family and she grew up inside it. She always loved where she lived in and had the most fun in there. She has two brothers and two sisters in where she is the middle aged sibling. When she was young she was the one who drove the little tractor in the farm and helped her sibling with farm work, and she believes it was a way for having a lot of fun. One great memory of hers in the farm was when her sister and she were hosing the sheeps in a very hot day, which resulted in being a very important life lesson. Her father saw it and came to talk to her, she was expecting a gift but ended up being
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As she is a teacher she hopes the best for the future generations and also that they will embrace themselves as people.
She believes that American modern society has entered in decadence, and that they are losing the democracy they once had. She remembers and misses how people were concerned about others and how much they put efforts into making the society more equal. Although she can’t help with monetary value; she does her best to help as much as possible by writing letter to the representatives to pass a law that would help the minorities or people that have less chances. At the same time she shows real concerns about politics and she believes everyone should care for those who are hungry, poor or are being

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