My Sleep Habits

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If I am able to change my sleep habit, I will be able to be healthier, more concentrated in school and, as a result, I will have better grades. On the other hand, I will spend less time with my family, I will have less time to go out to the movies, for example, and I will be absent when I can help others. In my chart, I present to have more importance in my pros than in my con, according to my scores from 1 to 5, because at the moment being healthier and do better in school is more important than going out, or spending significant amount of time with the family. In addition, I think I should start to worry about my problems in that I feel that if I am not helping others I am not doing the right thing.

In concern to others in my life, they will be healthier if I decide to sleep more because, since I live with my girlfriend, as soon as I start going to bed early she will too and, consequently, she will start sleeping more as well by being involved. In addition, others around me will be happier. For example, my
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I will feel great about achieving my goal of getting enough rest and, as a result, I will feel more confident about future goals. I will be relaxed, which lead to a better understanding of my classes and I will feel enthusiastic which will help me participate and get more passionate about school. Even though I might feel bored and lonely I will still be able to have some to spend with my family because I will be able to do my work faster if I am rested and passionate about school.
The reaction of others might be negative towards spending less time with me. Nonetheless, if they are able to be healthier they will have fewer problems, which will lead to be more passive. Nonetheless, the most important benefit of sleeping more is the reaction of surprise of my anatomy and physiology professor, who might not think I am an excellent student because of my average

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