My Sister's Keeper Poster Analysis

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Too often, when deciding which movie to watch, we look for the best poster that appeals to the eyes the most. Is it the colors that capture us? Or is it the charisma that reflects off the main character? Whichever reason it is, My Sister’s Keeper is the most unique candidate. The My Sister’s Keeper movie poster belongs in the Movie Hall of Fame due to the balance of colors, the placement of images, and the serene mood. To begin, one of the main reasons why this movie poster is a great candidate is due to the balance of colors. Throughout the background of the poster, the color of sea green floods the page. Along with the docile background, presents of purple, white, and pink bubbles float across the page to add happiness to the context …show more content…
The first thing that captivates the eye, is the daughter and mother beaming at each other. With smiles on their faces and optimism in their heart, this family gives the audience hope. There are many movie posters that can portray this quality, but nothing like My Sister’s Keeper. In addition, there appears to be a young girl at the bottom of the page. This girl is wearing a warm hat while blowing bubbles (Wordspress Themes). This placement of the characters is very unique because the first glance is at the mother and daughter, then the slowly trickles down to the child at the bottom. Many other movie posters have their characters surrounded by each other, but this poster does not. The placement of the objects in this poster are simple and an easy target to see. These reasons combined are important factors for the Movie Hall of …show more content…
For example, the family is not crying or feeling depressed, they are bright and filled with contentment. Most movie posters have characters looking at the camera while posing, however, the poster, My Sister’s Keeper, is not the typical case. The mother and daughter are looking at each other with smiles spread across their face from cheek to cheek and their eyes are glued to one another. The best kind of movie poster should be able to transform a person’s mood into blissful one, and I know that if My Sister’s Keeper is selected to win, it will indeed, transform everyone’s

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