My Service Learning Experience At Palmetto Place Children 's Shelter

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Introduction For my service learning experience, I decided to continue my long-term volunteer position at Palmetto Place Children’s shelter. I also participated in the Mayor’s Walk Against Domestic Violence. With Palmetto Place being on the micro level, and the walk being on the macro level, I was able to broaden my experience level. Through volunteering at Palmetto Place, I was able to expand my cultural competence for children in foster care, practice skills such as empathetic responding, connect my experience to the NASW Code of Ethics, and contribute to the mission statement of the organization. Through the Mayor’s Walk Against Domestic Violence, I was able to participate in a community outreach event to spread awareness.
Palmetto Place
Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter is a non-profit emergency shelter that “provides a safe and nurturing environment for abused and neglected children and teens, as well as unaccompanied teens, offering them a broad range of services concentrating on personal healing and development” (Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter, 2016). This shelter is filled with loving house-parents and staff members, and their mission statement is actively at work. It was founded in 1977 by the Junior Women’s Club of Columbia, and has hosted more than 7,000 abused and neglected children of the Midlands. Children are placed at the home through DSS, and are offered many healing services including medical attention, mental health care, crisis adjustment, and…

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