My Self Awareness Papers

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This week our self-awareness papers were over chapter 4 and 5. They were about how to take notes, different ways to write notes, and how to study effectively for a test. My topic I chose to write about is how to take notes; and different ways to take notes. I learned the three steps to taking notes, how to prepare yourself before class so you’re focused and ready to take notes. All these are important for each student to know. The way I have always taken notes is The Outlining Method. Using the method made reading and studying my notes easier than any other method. I learned how to write my notes this way during early elementary. Writing notes can effect on how we do on a quiz or test; therefore, it is important to always to write down good …show more content…
I have never been able to write down notes fast or catch notes during lectures. One of the ideas I had to help me with that problem was to take a recorder in a lecture and record it. If I would to miss something important during the lecture I could go back to the lecture on the voice recorder and write what I missed. When I was in high school; I would ask my friends to see their notes if I thought I missed something important; this helped me quite a lot; during high school. One way I was advised to help me with fast-talking teachers was to shorten how I wrote my notes. Leaving unnecessary words like the, and, etc helps reduce the amount of time writing. Using abbreviations and symbols will also help reduce the amount of time writing. A way I learned how to handle having a fast-talking teacher is asking questions or talking to them after class. If I needed help, going to a my instructor and asking for help would help tremendously. Instructors are willing to help me if I needed it, going in during their office hours and getting the extra help with understanding the lecture; has given me an advantage. Writing notes is important, it could help you pass a test or fail it. Writing good notes helps many students succeed on tests. Knowing the three steps to writing notes, will help you write better notes for class. Also knowing what works for you when studying is also important. Without studying; notes would be pointless to take. Knowing tips on how to write notes and study helps many students succeed in test

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