My School And Its Culture Essay

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My School and Its Culture
This week has taught us that each of you has experienced a unique journey through a variety of educational experiences throughout our lives. Naturally, some of these experiences must have contributed to our personal development and identity with greater impact than others (Wardle, 2013). Furthermore, many in-school variables have affected our educational journey. This week’s assignment describes a school-related experience that influenced my identity in relation to my education and culture.
I still remember the school experience that helped shape my personal identity. It was in my 5th grade when my teacher called me one day after class and asked me to support another student with her math and reading. I must say the student she asked me to help was not my friend, and was a Hispanic with very little knowledge in understanding or comprehending English. I asked Mrs. O’Brian, my teacher, why I should be the one to help the girl. I still remember how she took a sigh and said, “Because I trust and believe in you, I see how you carry up yourself, how you always help other students and know you are my smartest student in math and reading.” That is when I knew I had a potential in helping other kids, and my turning point in life.
Maybe she just told me what I had always wanted to hear. Most of my neighborhood friends had her in the 5-th grade and described her as a hard teacher that doesn’t give people A’s or B’s. At first I was scared and I knew she would…

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