My Running Records Based On Benchmark Passages From Reading A Z

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The artifact that I have chosen to submit is my running records based on benchmark passages from Reading a-z. These were completed based on three students who I had limited background knowledge on due to the fact that I am not currently working in a school district. The artifact shows the importance of understanding development and individual differences, the importance of using appropriate formal and information assessments that are technically strong and minimize bias and the importance of remembering to consider each student’s abilities, interests and development. The children who I chose were ages 6.5, 5.5 and 6.8 years old. I assessed them by choosing passages that fell within their age range as well as based on information that I knew about them which I obtained through their parents. All three students proved to be different based on where I decided to begin to assess them. The level was based on the background information I was able to gather about each child from their parents. Upon completion, I was able to see differences and how I would begin to move forward with these students to provide them with appropriate instruction if they were my students. The first child was assessed at a level I and I found this child would need to be assessed at a higher level to determine where to provide instruction, the second child was assessed at a level C and I determined that this was an appropriate level for the child to be instructed at and the last child was assessed…

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